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We Find Water is a South African based company that specialize in finding water. We specialize in the search for water located below the earth’s surface which is found in phreatic layers or aquifers, by making use of appropriate modern technology. An aquifer is a body of permeable rock which can contain or transmit groundwater.

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Agriculture & Small Holdings

Are you considering opening up pasture for grazing or preparing land for crops or vegetable cultivation and you don’t have a source of water? You need to drill a new water well or borehole. Save money before you drill on your property and never worry about the supply of water? Contact us today — We Find Water!


Are you a long-term property owner? Have you just bought or considering buying a property and need to know where the optimum place to drill is?

We Find Water can help you:

  • Get off the Grid. Avoid being subjected to crumbling municipal services.
  • Save the expense of running longer water supply lines than are necessary.
  • Ensure you drill where you’ll get the most volume.
  • When planning to build, predetermine precisely where to place your home on your property in relation to where you might want to or need to place a borehole or water well.
  • Avoid drilling any deeper than you need to. Drillers are paid by the meter whether they find water or not. A borehole that yields no water could cost you dearly.
  • Know precisely where to drill your well. No expensive Test Holes drilled. Your savings could pay for our services.
    Contact Us today — We Find Water!
Water detection for your home


Do you need a source of water to satisfy your development needs? Will you have dams and ponds as part of your development that is fed by a natural underground water source? Will you use municipal water to irrigate your gardens or golf course?

Provide your own water source to save your company thousands!

  • Buyers – Survey for water Before you buy.
  • Sellers – Survey for water Before you sell. Have an accurately sited drilling or well point before you place your property on the market to increase value.
  • Property Developers – Site your well or borehole points before taking to the drawing board.
  • Existing Lifestyle Estates – Helping you save money by getting off the grid. Do not rely on crumbling municipal services.  Increase salability of your units.
  • Residential Facilities – Retirement Homes, Special Needs Homes etc.

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Nearly a quarter of South Africa’s over 1,000 water treatment plants are operating below specification and while it has 824 bulk wastewater treatment plants, treating 5,13 billion litres a day, only 16 % of these are discharged to specification.  A multitude of contaminants  and toxins are also on the rise, compromising healthcare and facilities of the poorest citizens.

We are also seeing more demand on groundwater as towns expand, higher levels of services are required and municipalities must ensure water delivery is meeting the demand.

Commercial water detections

Schools, Country Clubs and Sport Facilities

As the countries water treatment facilities are not working to full specifications, ground water remains the best option for those institutions and sporting facilities still wanting a healthy product.