Groundwater exploration doesn’t have to be tedious or expensive.
Blindly drilling hole after hole as a means of finding underground water is an inefficient, outdated process. We can help you see what’s below the surface before you drill a single costly hole.

We use the latest German technology, to detect water to depths of 1200 meters. The technology also gives us an estimate on the depth and water quality, enabling you to do more accurate costing estimates.
Our equipment has a Front range of up to 3000 meters with the possibility to determine the desired front range ,meaning we can detect ground water faster and cheaper.

According to Business Maverick ” Water availability is one of the biggest threats facing South Africa’s people and businesses. 46% of municipalities cannot fulfill their water and waste mandate.” To fix SA’s water crisis, we need to start preserving water sources and look to supplementing ourselves. South Africa is currently experiencing one of the worst droughts in history, especially critically impacting the Farming Communities in the Eastern Cape, Karoo & Northern Cape. “A drought is a slow killer. It is like a cancer. Slowly eating away at everybody and everything. People always believe the rain will come.”

What is the extent of South Africa’s groundwater reserves?
The country has roughly the same amount of groundwater as surface water – approximately 7 500 million cubic meters per year. Groundwater constitutes between 12,5% and 20% of South Africa’s total present water

How many towns in SA are currently reliant on groundwater?
Two-thirds of the country depend solely or partially on groundwater for domestic needs. More than 420 towns are totally or largely dependent on groundwater.


WeFindWater specialize in detecting underground water for accurate placement of boreholes and well points.

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